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His Third Debate Performance Was So Bad, Gov. Romney May Have Re-elected President Obama

Use of Rev. Wright Would Be a Disaster, but Not Necessarily for Obama

Be careful what you wish for.

Or what your powerful supporters might have possibly wanted.

No Super Tuesday Knockout Punch for Romney

Even when Mitt Romney wins, it only opens another can of worms.

Romney grabbed easy Super Tuesday wins in his home state of Massachusetts and nearby Vermont, and put a huge score of delegates from his Virginia victory on his scorecard -- where neither Rick Santorum nor Newt Gingrich made the ballot.

Mitt Sweeps, But Viability Questions Persist

Mitt Romney needed Michigan, and got the Wolverine State.

Perhaps Kid Rock's 11th hour performance was the lucky charm, and Romney should take the show on the road.

It wasn't the rout that was expected weeks ago, but for the relieved Romney a win is a win.