James Traficant – A Real American Hero

I promised this piece some time ago, and what better day to present this than on Memorial Day?

“The trouble with politics is that not enough people are involved.”

Jim was a quarterback with an impressive record.

He later became a sheriff in Youngstown, Ohio, where he contends that the local mobsters were in collusion with the FBI. Due to his contention, he was indicted, a case he beat.


NYT articles shed more light on Simcha Felder and Mayor Bloomberg back door dealings



WTH IS FBI???????  Quinn and Felder belongs in jail as john liuj's father was in jail. don't trust them. 


INVESTIGATE Simcha Felder who received ALOT of pork from Mayor Bloomberg and overturn our votes and extend term limits to 12 years.  Now Simcha Felder runs unopposed for his 3rd term and has raised the most money in the city council races.  Simcha Felder who ran a kangaroo hearing on overturning term limits which gave Bloomberg's supporters priority while the rest of us waited for hours to speak and most of the city council members left the hearing before we spoke.  Even Felder who was head of the committee left early instead of listening to all the speakers.


in the allegations that Bloomberg said "kill it" in regards to his employee Mrs Garrison's unborn and his company discrimination of pregnant workers, it is consistent with Bloomberg's mayoral control.  His numeral successes are more important than children.  Test scores are more important than the overcrowding and narrow focus on tests  in schools. 

Someone who doesn't respect life and is dignity shouldn't be in charge of our children.  This mayor scapegoated and gassed THOUSAND$$ of geese for no real reason but to KILL. This mayor cares about his own EGO and wants high test scores to tout his own horn at the cost of our children who are deprived of a broad well rounded education.  Life is not about passing test but about finding solutions.  If you look beyond these test scores which are questionable, you will see that mayoral control has been a BIG FAILURE.  

Toussaint's "Vacation"

Many people refer to a jail sentence as a state-funded vacation or taxpayer-funded vacation. Regarding Roger Toussaint's taxpayer subsidized vacation that begins today and will last for the next ten days in a Brooklyn jail cell, I was wondering, is he being paid for his time served or is he taking vacation time?

Considering how irresponsible the strike was, how many people were harmed, either physically or financially, and how many people's lives were turned upside down by Toussaint's leading this illegal strike, it's fair to ask if he will also be penalized by the TWU.

After all, the union did not escape unharmed either. $2.5 million in direct fines and the loss of their dues check off from transit workers paychecks might cripple the union indefinitely. Not that I'm crying for the union, but it would be the height of arrogance if Toussaint continues to collect his paycheck while serving his jail sentence.

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