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Despite Two Opponents, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Faces Greatest Campaign Challenge Yet: Himself

Spend a little time around Brooklyn District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes and you know he plans to beat retired Manhattan DA Morgenthau’s record as NYC’s longest tenure in a district attorney’s office. “I run in 2013, 2017, and 2021, at which point I will be a little bit older than 90, which breaks Morgenthau’s record,” Hynes told Our Time Press last August. From his days as Special Prosecutor in Howard Beach more than 25 years ago, Charles Hynes has successfully run for election as Brooklyn’s top prosecutor six times.

Temporary Reprieve for State Senator Kevin Parker

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office has asked for not one, but two special prosecutors in the latest Parker assault incident. Trial Judge Neil Firetog granted both requests. The next court action on the case is scheduled for October 18, well after the September primary.

According to DA Hyne’s spokesperson Jerry Schmetterer, the DA’s office was conducting a pre-trial review of the case Wednesday evening, which included checking on “the latest political situation regarding Parker.” It was then that they “learned for the first time that an ADA in this office,” Wynton Sharpe,  is the son of Parker challenger Wellington Sharpe. It was this development that prompted the DA’s office to request one special prosecutor.

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