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20 Minutes With Mandela That Changed My Life

Nelson Mandela During Historic 1990 Visit To New YorkIt was one of the moments I have cherished my entire life. The crowning achievement of a career. An audience with Nelson Mandela that first requires some initial perspective.

Candidates in Race for Mayor make their own case.

Candidates in their OWN words.  Thursday night, we hosted an hour- long special on the NYC Race for Mayor on RNN-TV.

Looks like a Civil War might be on the horizon for Democrats in the Race for Mayor

Over enabling Term number Three for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, back in late April Anthony Weiner declared war on City Council Speaker Christine Quinn saying term limits was the deal breaker, he can't support Quinn in any capacity, even as the Democratic Nominee in the Race for Mayor.  So much for party unity!  Well Quinn is shooting back.  Just the other day, here was herresponse to Weiner:

Quiet and Methodical: The Bill Thompson Campaign for NYC Mayor


For weeks here in the New York City area folks have asked me, what is Bill Thompson doing?

What's in a Name? Debate Over "Redskins" as Team Name

I say if a team name offends Native Americans, change the name of name of the team. What do you think?

Yes or No in Debates.

It's my contention that "Yes or No" questions can be quite effective in debates.  

It proved to be a tough night a few years ago for Gifford Miller when he stalled on a question of whether he would send his kids to public school.  Another Weiner showed he could hit such questions out the ballpark. 

Then there was a few years ago when such questions showed Bloomberg's personality. 

Might he be the next mayor: Joe Lhota

This week on RNN-TV, we went one-one-one with Republican Candidate for Mayor Joe Lhota.  

Here is part one  and here is part two for viewing

2013 A Look Ahead: National Issues to Watch

2013 A Look Ahead: National Issues to Watch.  Here's how we took on the topic on RNN-TV. Expect much more gridlock.

What can we expect in National issues as we entered 2013? More on Gun Control? Marijuana laws? Panel guests Dominic Carter and TJMCormack chimed in on "RIchard French Live"

No more Washington talk. A nation mourns... Demands Assault Weapons Ban

On Wednesday we did a segment on Richard French Live titled ‘Guns in America: Does America have a Problem?’ Tragically, neither any of the guests, nor myself realized just how timely the segment would be.

Richard French Live Wed Night-Take a Look/Dominic Carter Guest Host

From Fiscal Cliff to control of New York's State Senate, gun violence, and the 12-12-12 concert, they were a number of topics we took on, with Dominic Carter Guest Hosting.  Take a look. Segment A

Coming from a pediatrician near you---A Prescription in advance for the Morning After Pill.

The Morning After advance without parents ever knowing.

I'm just not sure if it's the right thing to do, but the argument can seen from both ways, and I said so on RNN-TV just Tuesday night.

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called on  pediatricians throughout the country to counsel all of their adolescent patients about emergency contraception and make **advance** prescriptions for it available to girls under 17, without parential knowledge. 

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