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Richard French Live Wed Night-Take a Look/Dominic Carter Guest Host

From Fiscal Cliff to control of New York's State Senate, gun violence, and the 12-12-12 concert, they were a number of topics we took on, with Dominic Carter Guest Hosting.  Take a look. Segment A

Cease Fire ENY is an Anti-Gun Violence Initiative That Really Works

Let’s face it. There is a segment of urban males whose behavior can only be characterized as uncivilized. They have no conflict resolution skills, cannot regulate their own behavior, and allow self-righteous anger to guide their decisions. In response to any perceived slight, these males take to the streets and start shooting. If they could shoot, these males would only hit their intended target. But since they can’t shoot, any innocent in the vicinity is at risk, including women and children.

Ladies, Stop Giving Vajayjay to Criminals, Please!

This week, gun violence claimed a family member of community activist Tony Herbert, who has stood with countless families impacted by violence. Herbert's 23-year-old nephew, Lawrence Andre Sykes, was shot multiple times Sept. 16 in broad daylight on the street in Richmond, Virginia. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspects in Sykes murder are 24-year-old Rashaan Tigean Williams who surrendered to police, and 21-year-old Lamar Elias Defairia.

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