Could Mittens Pull A VoteScam?

Pushy is the word for today.

Pushy is all I could think of when catching snitches of the debate last night between the incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama, and his challenger, former governor Willard Mitt Romney. In saying this, one may also opine that moderator Candy Crowley did not act in an even-handed fashion between the two - but considering the tactics of the challenger, I don't know how it could have been possible to do so.

VoteScam...Has It Come To New York?

I mentioned in a previous posting that I was dismayed with the fact that electronic votiing machines had made their way to our state; as it happens, I was listening to 1010WINS that morning, and they mentioned that now New York State was in compliance with HAVA, known as the Help America Vote Act.

Unfortunately, this may not be for the best.

I want you to read the first chapter of VoteScam by the Collier brothers, and then get back to me.


    "We can now speak the most majestic words a democracy can offer:

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