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Bill Thompson: Weiner's Past is fair Game.

Interesting Political TV last night on RNN with Dominic Carter Guest hosting. 

One of the leading candidates for NYC Mayor Bill Thompson says should Anthony Weiner Run for Mayor, Weiner's Past is fair game for criticism.  Just Click Here to see it.

Also appearing was Connecticut Senate Candidate Chris Shays in the Republican Primary today against Linda McMahon, and Consultants Jessica Proud, Brad Gerstman, and Frank Morano responding to Paul Ryan being named as Mitt Romney's runningmate.

They are saying WHAT about Obama?

By now, most of us know he's one of Mitt Romney's top surrogates, John Sununu, and Sununu said on Tuesday that he wished "this president would learn how to be an American," before stating he had misspoke during a conference call organized by the campaign designed to cast the president as a corrupt politician who is out of touch with small businesses.

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