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Dominic Carter: Former Brooklyn DA Using Drug Money to Fuel Campaign?

Dominic Carter Reports: Former Brooklyn DA Using Drug Money to Fuel Campaign? Was office Abused?   This is how we reported on it last night onRNN/FIOS TV Segment here.

Beating A Dead Horse

I couldn't write anything yesterday.

For some reason, even after seeing the news item on television, it didn't seem real...but yet, here it is:

Will Mark Fisher's True Murderer Ever See Justice?

I was alerted to a new article in the Old Grey Lady regarding John Giuca.

Even though I had what was a link to the article, I could not easily navigate to the piece.

Performing a Google search was interesting - I had to type out the entirety of Mark Fisher's name...and when I did, I was also given the option of looking up "Marc Fisher".

Why would this article be such a chore to locate?

The Niggers Are Coming!

This is the real tale of two cities.

The title is essentially Charles "Joe" Hynes' campaign message.

Sounds outrageous, yes?

Explain this, then:

I Call 'Em Like I See 'Em

I don't play favorites.

Let it be known that Vincent Nunes is no hypocrite.

I've called out outgoing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his ill-advised soda ban, and I would be remiss in not reporting that Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio is planning to take up said soda ban.

C'mon, Bill - don't ride on this vote-loser.

Two stories came up in my daily searches, both from Failed Messiah. The first:

Why Do People Raise On A Busted Flush?

Happy Friday, dear readers!

Are you allowed to attack someone who hasn't yet posed a threat to you?

These guys seem to think so:

Don't Allow The Dead To Arise On November Fifth

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...don't allow Hynes to be a contender.

Apologies for butchering that little rhyme.

What else happened on that day in time?

From Wikipedia:

November 5 is the 309th day of the year (310th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 56 days remaining until the end of the year.

Are The GMO Ballot Initiatives Simply Gatekeeping?

FrankenFoods/GMOs will NEVER be equivalent to conventionally/organically-produced crops.

I can state that as a certainty.

The "science" of GMOs dictates that their crops can never be equivalent to non-GMO crops.

The Visitor Who Won't Leave

"I'll give up the position of Kings County District Attorney when you pry (or take) it from my cold, dead hands."'s kind of looking that way, isn't it?

I was very pleased with the outcome last month in the primary when I woke up later that evening. However, one saying kept creeping around in my mind:

Is Hynes Pulling An End Run Around The Will Of The Voters In Brooklyn?

I wrote in my last piece regarding the primaries; how I woke up after 11:00 PM to find out that Ken Thompson had beaten incumbent Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes, among other triumphs.

It was a great day.

I thought to myself, in anticipation of the changes, that a number of people would see in their lives; notably, John Giuca and his mother, Doreen Giuliano, John Kennedy O'Hara, Jabbar Collins, David Ranta, Jeffrey Deskovic, Derrick Hamilton and Samuel Kellner, to name just a few.

A Breeze Blows Out Of Brooklyn

I wish to first offer my congratulations to the winners - Letitia James, Laurie Cumbo, Scott Stringer, and especially to Bill de Blasio and Ken Thompson.

What a fantastic thing to wake up to at 11:00 PM!

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