Incuriosity Will Be The Death Of The United States Of America

"I just hate being lied to and being taken for a fool, and I can’t help letting it show."

This is a line from the latest piece by David Martin, also known as DC Dave. He is a kindred spirit and the author of Seventeen Techniques For Truth Supression.

What do I mean by incuriosity?

September 11th - 11 Years Come And Gone

As we approach the 11th year since the most horrific terrorist attack to take place on America's shores, I ask you to look back to the other events that have shaped America:

Justice Has Not Been Served, Part 3 - MLK

I wish to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. by reposting information about a little-known trial that was held - a trial that proved that James Earl Ray, the purported murderer of MLK, was naught but a patsy, much as Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Bishara Sirhan were in the respective cases of the murders of JFK and RFK.

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