Are We Having Fun Yet?

Good day, dear readers. I am still recovering from my "incident".
The title of this posting has to do with something that happened to me ages ago. It's a fun little story, but I'm going to tease you and save it for another time.

Unintended Consequences Only To The Brain-Dead (Updated with Scott Olsen contact info)

Last Friday, I visited a friend of mine who watches tons of television. The show 20/20 was on, and I caught most of the episode, which starred Stephanie Madoff Mack, the stepdaughter of Bernard Madoff. Stephanie was married to Mark Madoff, the son who committed suicide after turning in his father for his various malfeasances. She has put out a book, titled "The End Of Normal", which highlights the sequence of events that eventually led to the arrest and incarceration of Bernard Madoff.

My Sunday Best

Happy Sunday to everyone.

It's been an interesting weekend - the full moon really came into play in the past few days. I found a very interesting video of which you may have perused. The past week has been an amusement ride/unnatural disaster for many of us - one of my co-workers mentioned to the dollar figure to what their 401K had devalued.

That was disheartening.

I think it's apparent where I stand in the Rock/Gatemouth debacle.

How Can I Resist?

Happy Friday, dear readers!

We've four days until the end of America as we know it...that is, if you believe that:

I'm tired of this crap. I think we've reached the extreme of discordant discourse.

“I am the one who has been subjected to JP's racial abuse for the past 5 plus years going back to Politicker . . . I am very protective of myself, family, relatives and true friends . . . I would carry a gun if I so choose; and it would be for for sickos like this.” - Rock Hackshaw 05/22/2010 @ 09:44 AM

Gatemouth’s last two columns have been very, very good, but unfortunately, the comments have been hijacked by Rock Hackshaw in an attempt to intimidate me, defame me, martyrize himself, and change history to a version that didn’t really exist.  Needless to say, I’m tired of being falsely labeled a racist, a “sicko”, a “nutjob” and apparently, a threat to Hackshaw, his family, relatives, and true friends.  Rock, with every escalation of words that you write, you’re coming dangerously close to the elements of libel.  Your combination of false allegations towards me, combined with the expressed desire you have of “outing” who I am and tying those false allegations to my person, combined with the obvious malicious intent of those actions, would constitute defamation.  I am not in favor of censorship, but you better tread lightly.  You better than anyone should know that your words on this site have consequences in the real world.

Draw 'em a picture, Rock

Draw 'em a picture, Rock, in which they throw out those bums.

If there were ever polls to be believed, then believe the ones that say most of New York City believes their members of City Council last week showed their constituencies exactly what they think: That come November, voters exist to keep them in bespoke suits and taxpayer money.

We're not the only ones furious at this flat statement of elected officials' faith in their ability to flaunt the power their voters gave them. But without a constructive outlet, this energy will disperse like the mob at the scene of a car crash. So come on, Rock. Tell 'em how they're going to organize new political clubs, scare up candidates, drum up money. Write 'em a manual on how to get a voter list, go door to door and carry petitions. Help 'em figure out the campaign finance disclosure forms.

Two Years on Room Eight

Recently I sent a note to my editors (Ben Smith and Gur Tsabar) in which I requested a sense of their vision for this site. You see I have observed that Room Eight isn’t attracting new blood or young blood. Out of the original writers in this colony many have left or stopped being productive. Plus, the site sometimes gets bogged down in crappy threads initiated by mischievous commenters. There is a perception out there that this site has lost some of its luster. Also, Ben Smith has lost his focus (understandably so; given his tremendous work for “Politico”, on the current presidential primary campaign); Room Eight isn’t as high on his priority-list as it was before. All this hurts this site.

They're So ... Post Rock

Good to know that the New York Post followed Rock Hackshaw's lead ... 

You know you've arrived when the Post follows you and doesn't give you credit, as they did today

- Gur 

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