No more Washington talk. A nation mourns... Demands Assault Weapons Ban

On Wednesday we did a segment on Richard French Live titled ‘Guns in America: Does America have a Problem?’ Tragically, neither any of the guests, nor myself realized just how timely the segment would be.

The Smoking Guns In The AG Race

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle recently asked the four attorney general candidates to opine on this one question:

What steps would you take to curb the gun violence that is plaguing upstate?

You can read each of the candidates' responses by clicking on their names after the jump.   

Worth noting - the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association found Maloney's position "the least offensive among the four".

Maloney's piece - as it were - begins with a recollection of fond childhood memories shooting a .22 caliber rifle with his dad and brothers... and concludes with his support for the death penalty.

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