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His Third Debate Performance Was So Bad, Gov. Romney May Have Re-elected President Obama

Could Mittens Pull A VoteScam?

Pushy is the word for today.

Pushy is all I could think of when catching snitches of the debate last night between the incumbent, President Barack Hussein Obama, and his challenger, former governor Willard Mitt Romney. In saying this, one may also opine that moderator Candy Crowley did not act in an even-handed fashion between the two - but considering the tactics of the challenger, I don't know how it could have been possible to do so.

Use of Rev. Wright Would Be a Disaster, but Not Necessarily for Obama

Be careful what you wish for.

Or what your powerful supporters might have possibly wanted.

Mitt Puts Foot in Mouth Again

Barack Obama: A Mandatory Case Study for Black Males

One statement says it all: Barack Obama is not a descendant of chattel slaves.

Poll results have found that Americans have received too much information about Democratic Presidential nominee Obama. His father was born in Africa. His former minister. Black enough? Too Black?

A Brilliant Sunrise

A Brilliant Sunrise


By Michael Boyajian


I started out a recent Friday night drinking an O’Doul’s listening to Who’s Next.  Ahh, the other side of fifty.  Where trying to catch a buzz from a non alcoholic beer is like trying to suck water out of a mouthful of pebbles.

Is Bloomberg lying? (April's flyover documents released)

The Obama administration, in response to FOIA requests, dumped some documents this Friday. It appears that the White House was in direct contact with the mayor's office.

As you recall, Mayor Bloomberg was "furious" that he he hadn't been told anything at all about the flyover. The deputy mayors--well, we don't know what they knew. Apparently, the only person who knew anything was a low-level employee named Marc Mugnos.

Mugnos hasn't spoken publicly about the incident, nor has the City Council bothered to investigate the matter. NOTIFY NYC failed that day, planes flew over lower Manhattan, and the City Council just doesn't question a thing?

Obama comedy zinger at Bloomberg; Thompson to drop out?

President Obama, at last night's correspondents dinner, provides the quote of the day:

"In the next hundred days, I will meet the leader who rules over millions with an iron fist, who rules the airwaves and uses his power to crush all who challenge his authority at the ballot box. Good to see you, Mayor Bloomberg."


Plane Stupid: Bloomberg castigates low-level fall guy & all is well?

“The guy just didn’t do it. He read the thing and just didn’t do it,” Mayor Bloomberg told reporters during a news conference at City Hall, referring to Mr. Mugnos’ inaction after receiving an e-mail last Thursday from the Federal Aviation Administration, notifying him of the plans for a flyover by F-16s and a backup to Air Force One. (The New York Police Department also received the same e-mail.) [NY Times, link below]

Meet Marc Mugnos, low-level employee and sacrificial lamb.

Remember some accounts where a deputy mayor was at fault? Mugnos gets an e-mail from the White House that some planes will be flying at low-level over Manhattan. He's going to keep that to himself? I don't believe it!

Plane Crazy: Bloomberg blames unnamed staffer.

"The buck stops with my unnamed staffer."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg just said that, or something like that. See how easy it is to deflect criticism?

As you all know by now, Barack Obama's administration decided to update some old photos by having a photo op of a fake Air Force One against the Statue of Liberty. Yeah, they coulda just used Photoshop and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. But they used actual planes flying low over New York City.

People in New York and New Jersey panicked, fearing another 9/11. Barack Obama said that he didn't personally know, but a military person on the White House staff went on the record and took the blame.

Obama loves Bloomberg

Obama loves Bloomberg and Bloomberg loves Obama.

New York City's Republican Party endorsed this guy? (sigh)

Obama just signed a bill to expand national service funding. He gave a front-row seat to Michael Bloomberg, then thanked "the outstanding mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg." This is the golden quote that Bloomberg can use in all his advertising, over and over and over.

A few years ago, Michael Bloomberg was a registered Republican. New York City hosted the 2004 Republican National Convention. George W. Bush was re-elected president.

Bloomberg couldn't go to the inauguration of the president of the United States because he was busy that day, had some laundry to do, whatever. It was an act of disrespect not only to Republicans, but to the office of the president.

Bloomberg must never get the Republican ballot line again

Michael Bloomberg must not run for mayor on the Republican line.

Sunday's NY Post David Seifman "Inside City Hall" column states that Bloomberg is sending out robo-calls saying how close Bloomberg is to Barack Obama's policies. Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson was stunned. 

Yes, New York City is a Democrat town. Barack Obama is a Democrat. Perhaps Bloomberg feels that he has to do this. Or perhaps Bloomberg just quite simply really is a Democrat and has been all along.

Ultimately, Obama's policies are a disaster for New York City. Obama has no love of Wall Street. The rich are all greedy -- their money must be confiscated and redistributed through killing taxes.

Do Schumer/Gillibrand care about Jews? (Boycotting Durban II)

Surely it would be easier for President Obama to bolt if he had political cover. And who better to give it than those representing Turtle Bay in Washington?  Back in 2001, New York's senators were outspoken. Sen. Chuck Schumer praised President Bush's Durban boycott, saying: "He's absolutely right . . . I am just furious with the UN." Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton called the UN's actions "criminal."
---NEW YORK POST, "America's Durban Disgrace, February 25, 2009
New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand must both tell President Barack Obama that the UN's new "Durban II" anti-Israel hatefest must be boycotted. The time to act is now. The method is to be public and vocal about it, in no uncertain terms.
It is clear that "Durban II" will be even worse than "Durban I." Libya, Iran and Cuba all have prominent positions in this new "human rights" conference. Participation by the United States will indicate that it accepts a hateful agenda.
Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, please do the right thing. Now!

"Millionaire's" Tax, Times Three (NYC, NYS & US)

Why soak the "millionaires"? That's where the money is!

In Sunday's Washington Post, it's stated that President Obama will increase taxes on the wealthy. New York State wants a "millionaire's" tax. Many members of the New York City Council also want to soak the "rich."

It's a triple whammy on anyone who still has money. It's a big "GET OUT OF TOWN" sign from New York to its wealthiest citizens, and maybe a "GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY" sign as well.

The top 1% of all earners already pay about 40% of everybody's taxes. If there's a tax limit where someone is paying 50%, 60%, 70% or more of every extra dollar to the government, that person is going to quit making more money. It ain't worth it. Government collections go down.

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