Mayor Ernie Davis

What The Press World Missed on Primary Day Sept. 18th

The biggest thing that happened yesterday on Primary Day in the Black political world was not the victory of a judge in Brooklyn, in fact it was the dethroning of a Mayor. Yesterday in a shock to all who pay attention to Black politics in this state, Mayor Ernie Davis the Mayor of Mt. Vernon (one of the largest cities in New York State) was defeated in a surprise to all but the very few by County Legislator Clinton Young.

It was a symbol of the changing politics in the Black political world in New York State. Along with Mayor Davis down went the Chair of the Mt. Vernon Democratic Party Serapher Conn-Halevi who was running for a County Legislator seat and was painted as too close to Davis and thus untrustworthy to hold that office. Mayor Davis has been the chief executive in Mt. Vernon since 1995 and is a symbol of the Civil Rights establishment of politicians of old. This is a real blow to Rev. Franklin Richardson, Rev. Al Sharpton, County Chair Reggie Lafayette and others who have been supporters of Davis for many years.

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