Is The Truth Of September 11th Coming To Light?

Trayvon Martin Wouldn't Want Race Riots In His Name, Part Deux

I have had some trouble getting around to posting a new least, until today.

I can't say for certain what has been disturbing me to the point that I couldn't put idea to paper, in a sense. Certainly, there's a lot to talk about.

First, let's dig right into the George Zimmerman trial.

I'm not glued to the television, trying to peer into every aspect of the trial. There's only one facet of the case that needs examination: did George Zimmerman shoot Trayvon Martin in self-defense?

Why Didn't You Know About WTC 7 On September 11th, 2001?

Unintended Consequences Only To The Brain-Dead (Updated with Scott Olsen contact info)

Last Friday, I visited a friend of mine who watches tons of television. The show 20/20 was on, and I caught most of the episode, which starred Stephanie Madoff Mack, the stepdaughter of Bernard Madoff. Stephanie was married to Mark Madoff, the son who committed suicide after turning in his father for his various malfeasances. She has put out a book, titled "The End Of Normal", which highlights the sequence of events that eventually led to the arrest and incarceration of Bernard Madoff.

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